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What are the techniques for printing a LOGO on a case


On the basis of customized bags and gifts, how to advertise on the bags and bags, has become the most concern of enterprises customized bags and bags. The Enterprise gives the staff box package welfare, not only can take the gift, but also can do the advertisement propaganda for the enterprise. The following love free luggage Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the customization in luggage used to advertise the three main forms of LOGO printing.


Laser carving, high energy density laser beam on the direction of influence, so that the general direction of physical or chemical changes, so as to obtain the visible pattern of the logo marking style. The energy of light converted into heat by laser.

  1. Silk Screen Printing

Screen Printing, printing through the Squeegee, so that ink through the text part of the Mesh transfer to the substrate, forming the same as the original picture and text. Make use of a kind of porous fabric in the steel plate to weave into a raised image foot art, adopt 1 to 4 kinds of non-open color structure scale logo printing, can be used in the paper, wood, metal, cloth and other materials.

3.Heat Transfer

It’s just a matter of time before it’s too late.

Heat transfer printing is divided into printing heat transfer printing and digital heat transfer printing The utility model can be operated on plastic, cloth, silk, metal and the like.