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Listen to the craftsman introduce the backpack, learn the technique of choosing the backpack!

Buying a bag is like a blind date. You have to know everything to see if it’s right.

A product to have its own characteristics, at least six selling point support, as a packaging artisan, the design of their products, will be meticulous, so how do they positioning their own bags? Do you know any of these things when choosing a backpack Can you feel the craftsmen’s efforts and pride A product bought on the spur of the moment may sit idle once or twice, but if you know the work and wisdom of a craftsman, you are buying not just a bag, but a legacy, a culture, a spirit.


  • Having 9 functional small bags with the reasonable layout, which can put cards, mobile phones, chargers, e-books, mice and so on; giving each scattered small thing a “home” at a glance, storage at a glance, easy to take and save time.
  • The pain of finding your keys in a rucksack at home with an extended keychain.
  • The front-cover combination data cord is bound, so that the mobile phone charging line, charger line, computer wire, USB adapter line, etc. , are arranged in the front pocket.
  • Protection of bank card and Guangzhou Tong from accidental degaussing.
  • The inner and outer marking holes of the data line, complete liberation of hands and clothing pockets, listening to songs, charging easily. A sign made of reflective material, walking in the dark is reflected by the light, and the security guards of the business travel guard you against safety.
  • The front-cover Membrane gives the whole package a good shape and also protects the multi-functional composite bin.
  • Memory Foam pocket for IPAD under 10 inches.
  • This space can also be placed in a 4 folder, contract book, folder, and other important materials. Separate protection against wrinkles, clutter, and breakage of files.
  • Main bag capacity 30L, can put down below 17 inches notebook computer, built-in shock-proof computer bag can put 15 inches below computer, still can put 2 sets of adult summer travel clothes.
  • The zipper design of the bag mouth makes the width of the bag mouth narrow skillfully, which is not only beautiful and stylish but also convenient for the computer to take.
  1. Outdoor Racket
  • Free Switch between work and leisure with 2 badminton rackets.
  • Long umbrellas that don’t fit in your handbag or backpack will look different in this compartment.
  • shoulder straps restroom, for fear of holding straps too long, can be placed directly into the room.
  1. Pressure resistant top compartment
  • Main bag top design, pressure film cover head, Velvet Lining cloth, can put sunglasses, glasses and other fragile goods, business travel security guard, carefully protect everything.
  1. Anti-theft side pockets
  • Four-in-one design of the outer waterproof fabric, memory cotton, steel wire Mesh, and moistureproof lining cloth, which can be used for long wallet, passport, Plane Ticket, and other valuables.
  • Elastic right side bag for umbrella and Thermos Cup.
  1. Hide a secret compartment in your back
  • Squeeze the subway, go to the supermarket, don’t use your hands to protect your backpack, or turn the “backpack” into a “baby bag” to hang your chest, secret valuables, close to your back, personal security, and convenience.
  • (To Be Continued….)