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Listen to the craftsman introduce the backpack, learn the technique of choosing the backpack!

  • B.Design
  • One: Lock Lock Lock: pull piece tail has a lock hole, single pull head has design lock belt, lock belt can hook through the lock hole.
  • Two: double-pull head bag mouth, can be directly linked to the end of the two-pull piece.
  • Patented strap-on Buckles, removable and secured somewhere to deal with “Take the opportunity to pilfer the goat” and “loose”.
  • Anti-theft net design, even if the thief lacerates the fabric, also does not steal your precious.
  • genuine leather boarding pass, and bags “blood relatives” to avoid accidentally take the wrong, accidentally lost.
  1. Waterproof Design
  • Waterproof Zipper, not only to deal with the sudden rain, but also to avoid the “ball pen” damage, and many things this zipper is not easy to burst.
  • The design of rainproof covers and rain-proof caps, which are designed to deal with sudden rains, further protect valuable information and serve as dust-proof bags for use at home.
  • Shoulder straps and back all pressure film upgrade, to avoid three-layer net friction hair, wear, the design of the pressure film more beautiful and durable, soft and comfortable.
  • chest buckle design, to prevent more people or faster walking shoulder slip, chest elastic design, the backpack can also be able to bounce freely, the backpack will not fall off, the chest is not too much bondage.
  • The shoulder-strap-adjusted trapezoidal pure aluminum alloy with a beautiful, sturdy, shoulder-strap fastening buckle to prevent shoulder straps from being randomly shortened.
  • The plastic base of the bag bottom protects the bag bottom from direct contact with the floor or table Top, reduces the wear of the bag bottom, keeps the bag bottom clean, and makes the bag stand more easily.
  1. Reinforcement Design
  • The side hooks add to the stylish appearance of the bag, but most importantly, when packed with too much stuff, effectively correct the shape of the bag, and break down the zipper pressure caused by too much stuff, effectively prevent the Zipper from bursting open.
  • The selfie stick, designed for the outdoors, would also look great with a bouquet of flowers attached.
  • Badminton Bag zipper design, effectively prevent the zipper slide, the racket shaking situation
  1. Reduced Pressure breathable design
  • The back of the buffer film buffer cotton, fresh and not thick.
  • s-shaped aluminum bar design, to give strong support to the waist, reduce the shoulder force pressure; back fast ventilation, do not sweat; shape design, prevent hunchback when the key time to remove the aluminum bar can also be “wolf-proof” oh.
  • The shoulder strap is 1-3cm wider than that of the ordinary backpack, the force surface is wider and more uniform, the effect of the upper shoulder is comfortable and easy, and the effective decompression effect is about 2 kg.


One Minute on stage, TEN YEARS OFF STAGE! Each product takes a relatively long time to develop. Wouldn’t it be more fun to know these details and go shopping? Like listening to a song to understand the story of the same song, intoxicated with the lyrics and music is not as intoxicated into the story.