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How to determine the quality of the SAMPLE BACKPACK

For the customer who has a customized luggage demand, before the confirmation of production, will require the relevant luggage factory first send a sample to see, if the sample quality, style, etc. No problem, then generally can order production. So, backpack sample quality good or bad how to determine it? Let’s hear what the editor of Howsky said.

I   Rucksack sample for a comprehensive inspection, rucksack samples should be the appearance of the full body, are natural, flat paste, clean, large front and back without injury.

II  Pay attention to the workmanship of the sample bag, you can see the quality of the product from the stitching, high-quality sewing should be consistent from top to bottom, stitch straight, needle spacing is consistent, no empty needle, missing needle.

III  Should carefully check the quality of knapsack samples of accessories, generally speaking, the accessories should be bright without rust residue, no burr, no peeling off and so on. In addition, whether the stratification of the internal structure of knapsack samples is reasonable and convenient. Go back to Sohu to see more