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1) the choice of materials: This is the first consideration of the contents of the car, because the car was originally made of plastic, cloth volatile substances more (according to the Ministry of Environmental Protection found that the car in the air, benzene, toluene , Xylene, styrene, ethylbenzene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and acrolein in the air detection rate of up to 98%, and these substances on the health of consumers will cause a huge threat.) Therefore, we must choose relatively environmentally friendly Materials, alcohol, benzene material low fabric.

2) different cars have different styles, so the size is also relatively different. For example: block the size of the sun, the Japanese car is relatively long, was rectangular. Volkswagen depot block is relatively narrow. Such products relative to foreign brands of Japanese cars do better, then the show domestic car manufacturers of such products are also very professional. Relatively integrated Japanese cars and Volkswagen depot and domestic car style. Variety is also relatively adapted to more cars.

3) According to their own like to choose the size and color, pay attention to the work of the bag.