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The intelligentization of luggage is in the early stage of the trial, and exhibitors propose the concept of light intelligence.
Intelligentization is still in the initial stage of the luggage industry, and the market is still cultivating. Some of the luggage companies that are at the forefront are also beginning to explore in the direction of intelligence, but there is an all-natural factor, and smart and luggage are two completely different industries.

According to reports, smart luggage mainly covers charging treasure series, Bluetooth series, GPS positioning series, smart lock series, intelligent walking series and so on.

In Huang Yongxin’s view, some smart bags on the market are actually pseudo-intelligent. “Everyone first admitted that the definition of smart luggage is very simple, such as a rechargeable luggage, which is actually a charging treasure attached to the luggage. At the earliest time, this was called a smart luggage and then derived from solar charging. And in our definition In it, it should not be called a smart bag.”

The smart bag in the definition of Jeffrey Technology uses the electronic sensors on the bag to help us achieve more practical functions, such as Bluetooth-based anti-lost function and gravity sensor-based weighing function. But not all functions can be used by the majority of manufacturers, it needs to be verified according to product positioning, so for now, GPS positioning function is welcomed in the luggage industry, but it has a natural limitation, GPS module It consumes a lot of power, it can’t be done very small, and GPS costs are high.

Therefore, based on the current status of smart luggage, Jeffrey Technology has put forward a light and intelligent point of view. It is to produce low-cost smart bags that mainstream consumers can accept. Adding about 50 yuan to the original luggage price cannot only ensure product gimmicks but also create functional requirements. This is a smart bag that consumers are willing to accept.