Does your business searching for a supplier of high quality car organizer,home organizer,pet bag and bean bag chair products ?

Howsky is a wholesale provider of many quality organizer products such as car organizer,home organizer,travel organizer,pet travel bag and bean bag chair.

Is your business searching for a supplier of high quality car organizer? Located in China, if you purchase from us, we offer many additional convenient services, all of which cannot be easily provided by other organizer product suppliers.



  • 2008: Establishment of HOW SKY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED.CO

  • 2010: Establishment of the first Factory in Xicheng Industrial zone, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, China

  • 2011: Moving Office to Factory

  • 2013-NOW: Establishment of the research and development department. Confirm the vision, mission and core values of a company.


  •   3000 SQM China factory with brand new, lastest tech-machines and a professional designing team and skillful workers with 10 years experience.

  •   Customize your bags with a wide range of products at your every request and guarantee to protect your intellectual property based on practical law.

  •   The production is organized following the Lean Manufacturing guidelines, that allow us to work in compliance with the customer’s parameters and to respect the delivery terms.

  •   International standard quality, low prices and just in time delivery.

  •   Convenient transportation from factory to Ningbo port only 30km.

  •   Quick response within 24 hours.

  •   Provide a whole set of one-stop solution from material samples, designing, production, quality inspection to delivery.


Step 01. Concept

Received customers’ concept of demands, our R&D department will do a quick evaluation, after then we will have a meeting with our customers face to face, or video meeting, to discuss the project.

Step 02.Design

Based on the meeting, engineers will do the design and drawings, not only drawing of the product but also the packing design. When all designed and drawing are confirmed both side, we will make a sample for testing. Once testing finished, the sample will deliver to our customer for sample confirmation.

Step 03.Pre-Production

Our expert will share their depth of knowledge and experience while seeking to understand and organize your creative and logistic objectives. After the conclusion of the meeting, you will be provided with a proposal and estimate for the services.

As a screen inventor, your plan of action, and your desire to accomplish the production of your projection screen should be the driving force to assure a quality product that customer will enjoy.

Step 04.Mass Production

Once the sample confirmed by the customer, we will start the production.

Step 05.Improvement

We will gather market feedback from our customers to optimize the products.
In the meantime, we will also improve the imperfect parts of the product, such as functional, packing, etc.


CindySales Dept Manager
Smart, good reputation, professionalism are the best words to qualify the personality of Cindy. Every client is delighted to cooperate with her as she is a fantastic manager.
EmilySupply&QC Dept Manager
Emily is specializing in supply chain & quality control. She organizes a credible report to ensure clients are satisfied. Good feedback is accumulated for more than eight years.
AdaFinancial Director
She has been working with our brand as the financial director for more than 15 years and renowned for her accurate understanding of figures. She is the brain behind our perfect analysis of the global economic situation each month.
LucySales Representative
Smart, gracious, with a good sense of fashion trend. Lucy also attends 3-5 fashion fair each year. She is consistent with the creation of brilliant designs to clients., etc.
KumikoSales Representative
Fast reaction and optimism are the attributes of Kumiko. She has excellent communication skills and has eight years’ experience. Clients are always pleased to work with her, and she has received impressive feedback from them.
BenSales Representative
Ben is a natural person that is focused on the design and working. He shows very strict with everything when he is in charge.